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The viking & the 3 dragons

Once upon a time there was a viking. That viking lived at 500 bc in a village near a lake. The viking wanted to go to the forest of doom that was near Stockholm and was far away from him. He had heard many stories about the forest of doom that was near Gamla Stan. The stories talked about three dragons, but many people didn’t believe it and said it was a lie. The viking wanted to explore the forest of doom and wanted to see if the three dragons were real and where they lived. He started making his armour on an anvil and taking supplies with him. He started going to the forest alone and on the way he met an archer.                                                      

Archer: Where are you going and where are you from Viking?                                                                                                                                       Viking: Im going to the forest of doom to find if the stories of the 3 dragons was true and im from .                                         

Archer: Do you need help ?                                                                                                                                          

Viking: No but it would be great if you had something good to give me to fight the dragons.                          

Archer: I got a very good bow for you. It has the power of the seven kings. Once upon a time there were seven castles and each one was in  a fight but then they united and they made this bow it had super powers.                                                                                                                                                                      Viking: Oh.. then ok what I need to give you to get it?                                                                                           

Archer: Nothing it’s all yours.                                                                 

So The viking went on and then... He  saw much armour  and one shield to the ground, like there was a fight. The viking grabbed the shield and he understood it was from one of the kings that made the bow. While everyone gave everything the most powerful they could to make that strong bow. That king didn’t give his shield because the bow would be unbeatable. Then the viking had finally come to the forest. He saw three mountains one next to each other and all  three of them had a big hole on them. It was the dragon's house. The 3 dragons came up one by one. The viking killed the first dragon with his bow. The second dragons attacked. He breathed fire to him but the viking used the shield and blocked the fire. He got his sword and he killed the second dragon too. But he didn’t have weapons because the shield and the bow only had one use and then both of the weapons lost their super powers. The viking saw some coal to the ground, and then he remembered that he had one last arrow but his bow didn’t have superpowers anymore. He got the coa,l his arrow and a rope and made it a flaming arrow and with that arrow he shot the last dragon to the head and the dragon died!

                      The End


Av Stergios Fanidis