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In English

An anniversary to celebrate the author Per Anders Fogelström took place during 2017 in Stockholm as he would have celebrated 100 years that year.

His descriptions of Stockholm in the book “City of My Dreams” has inspired many. He also made major contributions as a youth leader, was engaged in organizations against the nazi during the post war years, a key figure in the peace movement and played a important role in the conservation of valuable cultural and environmental values ​​in Stockholm. He was also a devoted to highlight new and important facts and tell the stories of previously neglected people and circumstances in his books.

Based on his texts, ideas and engagement Stockholm offered a series of events throughout the year. From theater to city tours, lectures, school projects, a brand new book by Per Anders Fogelström and new ways to experience Stockholm in the present.

The project is organized by the City of Stockholm, coordinated by the Stockholm City Museum and engaged many of Stockholm's cultural institutions.